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Subform not saving in database after import until saved inside that database

We're currently using Prevail for our sales fields. Don't know if you're familiar with it, but it's a set of 16 databases with one database that controls all the rest (e.g., keywords, configurable fields, sales team, etc.).

The main four databases are System (the one mentioned above), Contacts, Opportunity and Activities. Each of these databases consist of one or two forms and two subforms. All the fields the users see are on the subforms.

When creating a new Opportunity or a new Activity you need to be in the Contact database and select the company/contact prior to creating that particular company/contact. This works beautifully.

Here's my problem: I am currently importing a text file into the Activity database. The import works fine. But when I check to see if the Contact database was updated with the information I entered in the Activity, the Contact DB only shows blank lines that represent the information I just imported. Though I am saving the document in the import process in the Activity, it doesn't show up in the Contact DB until I physically go into the Activity and save.

How can I make it so it saves recursively to the Contact database? Is this a common problem with subforms, or is there a different way I can approach this update?

Keep in mind I do have "Update the Activities" and that does have a unique key that links it to the Contact DB, which is why the lines show up blank.

Thank you kindly in advance.
It is a little difficult to diagnose the problem without actually having access to the application and the code. But there may be two items you can try to attempt to correct the situation.

You mentioned that the entries show up as blank lines. I'll make the assumption that they are also showing up in the correct location in the view (e.g., categorized by the Organization). If this is the case, it may just be that the fields that appear in the view were not marked as Summary. For a field to be displayed in a view, the summary flag must be set to true.

The most likely issue is that there processing taking place when you save an Activity that is updating the Contact database. One answer may be as simple as using the notesdocument.Computewithform() method.

If neither of these two methods fix your problem, you will need to go through the code and see how the application updates the Contact database and then add that process to your import code.

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