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The difference between LEI and DECS

My Company wants to connect Oracle 8i with a Domino server. What is the difference between LEI and DECS? Is there a role for LC LSX if I use DECS as a connector? What is Real Time Activity?
LEI operates, for the most part, as a batch data mover. It has several functions, referred to as Activities, which include: Direct Transfer, Replication, Scripted and Java (agents), Polling (event-driven), and Realtime Notes ("RTNotes"). DECS is the Realtime Notes Activity integrated into the Domino server. Most LEI Activities, except Polling and RTNotes, run based on a schedule that you define. Polling waits for an event to occur on the Domino server or a back-end system, such as the arrival of a file via ftp or the insertion of a record into a data table. RTNotes and DECS work when you create, open, save and or delete a Notes document within a Domino application. You would use the LC LSX for any function that cannot be satisfied using LEI or DECS, i.e. those tasks that require much business logic for determining how to effect the rdbms, which in your case is Oracle.

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