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Three questions on Notes reporting

Currently I'm working on implementation a MIS system for our company. As our data is on Lotus Notes, reports are a big problem. Your article sorted out the way I can put them in a proper manner but I would like to get some more help from you if possible. My queries are :

1: Can these reports be parameterized (for e.g based on a date range and Grouping can be applied at many levels)? There is one way to write a lots of Lotus Script code to get the out put and dump to Excel, but is there any other way you have in your mind?
Total number of Users are 1200, approximately.

2: Will FTSearch will be fast and capable enough when multiple requests are coming to the database?

3: Will security will be same as it is in Notes Client, i.e. Readers, authors fields will behave in the proper manner?

Right now I'm dumping the data to Excel and then running Excel Macro(for grouping) to format the reports at client side. This OPERATION is taking a huge amount of time to format and present a single report to a user.

1: Research Notes view design help to see if you can use categories and column sorting to meet your needs. If you cannot, you will have to look outside of Notes. Lotus Approach can natively open Notes Databases. Another good tool is Brio. Of course, exporting to a file to use in a spreadsheet like you mentioned is another method. The LotusScript for this shouldn't be too hard if you write a few good classes and functions to handle the types of data you'll be crunching.

2: Tough question. Depends on so many things like what do you consider fast? (2-5 seconds or sub-1 second) How many documents are in the database? What indexing options are you using? What kind of server? What is your update frequency on the indices? What is the change frequency of your data? What kind of queries will be issued? FTSearch is quite fast but you'll have to just do some simulation and testing to figure out if it is fast enough for you.

3: If you mean will readers and authors fields still be effective when a user executes your agent with the FTSearch method, then YES, they will behave the same way. If you have a scheduled agent to run against the database, then it runs on the ID that saved the agent.

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