Trapping the on-click event of a radio button

SearchDomino.com expert Andre Guirard explains how to trap the on-click event of a radio button in a Lotus Notes client application.

I am developing a Lotus Notes client application. One form contains two radio buttons. When you click on that radio button, a small dialog box should open. How can I trap the on-click event of the radio button in the client, or show the dialog box in the on-click event of the radio button?

Assuming that clicking the radio button will change its value, you can use the onchange event of the field to capture this. However, I feel that a more desirable UI would use "refresh on keyword change" in conjunction with hide formulas or field- enabled formulas.

Take the fields that you would have put in the dialog and put them on the main form. Have them hidden or disabled (disabled is better) when the radio field does not have the right value to use them. That way, people can see and edit the values of those fields without having to change the radio field twice.

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