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Troubleshooting Lotus Notes Domino tabbed table problems

Web Development expert Jens Bruntt outlines three potential issues to consider when troubleshooting Lotus Notes Domino tabbed table problems.

I am having a problem with a Lotus Notes Domino tabbed table (created with HTML and JavaScript) in a Web-enabled application. The first tab contains 10 fields and the second tab contains three fields. These fields are in the table as well.

At the button on the form, there is a section for "Audit Trail." When I select the first tab, the Audit Trail appears just below the tab. But when I select the second tab, there is a huge gap between the second tab and the Audit Trail. How do I adjust the gap between the second tab and the Audit Trail section?

I have tried to do what you are describing on Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2. I've created a form with a standard Lotus Notes tabbed table with two tabs, one with 10 fields and one with two fields. The database has JavaScript enabled ("Use JavaScript when generating pages").

In my example, the table "jumps" when I click from tab one to tab two. It jumps in the sense that the tabbed table shrinks vertically to fit with the number of fields inside the tab that is being displayed. In other words, I don't see the problem that you are describing.

But there are a few possible issues to look at to troubleshoot your problem:

  • You may be on an older version of Lotus Notes Domino that renders tabbed tables differently. I have not checked if older versions do render differently, but it is likely.

  • You have something inside your table that forces it to have a certain size -- maybe it is an image, or perhaps you've styled the table using CSS.

  • You aren't using Lotus Notes' built-in tabbed table.

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