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Two stored procedure events not working with DECS and SQL Server backend

I am an Access/SQL developer, new to the Domino/Notes field. When I set up DECS with SQL Server 2000 as backend -- fields in Notes linked to external fields -- there are no problems.

If I try with a simple form, for the four events (create, open, update, delete) using stored procedures, two of them are OK (delete, open), but the other two receive an error message, "Server error: Realtime service error inserting external record."

I ran SPROC from query analyzer with default data. It ran OK and assigned the correct permissions to the user. Is there a way I can troubleshoot this problem?

 CREATE Procedure sprocSQLEmployee _Settings_CREATE ( @PK varchar(50), @Description text, @Setting varchar(100), @Values text) with recompile As set nocount on declare @err int set @err = 0 begin tran INSERT INTO Settings (PK, Description , Setting, [Values] ) VALUES (@PK, @Description , @Setting , @Values) set @err=@@error if @err=0 commit tran else rollback tran return GO

LEI and DECS both struggle with stored procedures. That being said, it looks to me like the SPROC is performing a rather simple insert to Settings table/view, so take the SP out of the picture. I suggest you try a "create" and or "update" going directly at the table/view.

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