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Unable to log into Sametime through Notes with SSO

In this Ask the Expert, Mathew Newman helps an administrator who's trying to access Sametime by logging in through a Notes client set up with a single sign-on.

I am not able to log on from my Notes Client (6.5.4) to Sametime through SSO (on Sametime Protocol). But I am able to use my DWA password and log in from Notes. Is there a way that my DWA users would be able to do it through the browser, as it works now, and have my Notes Client users automatically log in with the Notes password itself.

I have already enabled "Allow users to authenticate using either LTPA or Sametime Token (stauths.nsf and stautht.nsf)". (Note: I have two servers --one for mail on Linux (6.5.4) and the Sametime 6.5.1 IF1 (6.5.4) on Windows 2003.)

What am I missing?

The thing you are missing is which password is used to access which client. Notes passwords access ID files (for the Notes Client), DWA and Sametime (in addition to other add-in products) use the Internet Password from the user's person document in the Domino Directory.

If the Notes password and the HTTP password are synchronised, then you will be able to use the same password to log into Sametime through the Notes client.

The passwords are not synchronised by default. However, you can implement a Security settings document and then apply that to your users through a Domino Policy. In the security settings document, under the "Password Management" tab, change the "Update Internet Password When Notes Client Password Changes" field to "Yes". When the user next changes their Notes password, the Internet Password field in the users person document in the Domino Directory will also be changed, synchronising the passwords so that the users will have one Password for Notes, SameTime and DWA.

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