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Understanding soft deletions

I would like to understand how the database property "allow soft deletion" that is available in Notes R5 works.

I read what Notes Help says:

Allow soft deletions

The "Allow soft deletions" property lets deleted documents remain in the database and not be permanently removed for a set number of hours. The hours are set by the database manager in the Advanced tab of the Database Properties box. After that time, the document is permanently deleted from the database.

Undelete Expire Time (in hours)
Provides the ability to limit the time that users can restore deleted notes by accessing them in a special view type. By setting the "soft delete" database option and creating this view, mistakenly deleted documents can be retrieved simply and quickly.

To undelete documents in databases
You must go through this procedure before you can undelete documents in a database. If this isn't set up, your documents are permanently deleted when you refresh the view that the document marked for deletion is in.

  1. Open the database; choose File - Database - Properties; click the Advanced tab (last tab from left).

    Note: For a new database: Choose File - Database - New; click the Advanced button.

  2. Select "Allow soft deletions."
  3. Specify a time, in hours, for undeletion to be available in the Undelete Expire Time field; click check mark to save. For example, enter 2 if you want to allow a 2-hour retrieval period for documents you have deleted before they are permanently deleted.
  4. Choose Create - View; select "Shared, contains deleted documents" from the "View Type" box.
  5. Name the view.

Note: Deleted documents can be seen in this view until the timer you customized deletes them permanently. You need Author access to a database to delete documents you've created, and Editor or greater access to delete documents others have created.

So I checked this flag for a database on a server and I put an Undelete Expire time of 72 hours, then I created a view to list all the deleted documents and I deleted some documents.

They are displayed in the view.

OK, but my questions are:

  • How can I undelete the documents? Double-clicking on it gives me this: "Document has been deleted." I don't want to copy/paste them, so do I have to use a special action (Edit Document)?
  • How can I be sure that the documents are physically deleted after 72 hours? What is the mechanism on the server that deletes them -- compact task?

Thank you if you can clarify this subject for me and the community.

Go to Domino Designer Help / Index. Then look up UndeleteDocument.

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