'Update before insert' updating Notes database on every LEI run, whether changes were made or not

I am using the LEI Direct Transfer Activity with Oracle view as the source and Notes database as the destination. I am using the option "Update before insert" since we want to update existing documents that match the key value if it exists and there are any changes in the data on the Oracle side.

This is working; however, the activity log is showing that all documents in the Notes database are being updated on every LEI run regardless if the data changes on the source side (Oracle). This is causing the replication of the Notes database to other servers and local replicas to take much longer that expected.

Is this a normal function of LEI to update every document regardless if data has changed on the source? Is there a way to set the LEI Direct Transfer to only update the Notes documents if data has changed on the source?
You are seeing exactly what the Direct Transfer is intended to do by design -- transfer data. You could probably say that what it does to Updates is a functional bug, but I can offer the answer to your problem in two words -- "Replication Activity." The Replication Activity is what you really want to use and it will not (or, at least should not) update documents in Notes that do not actually have a change in Oracle. Be very careful, however, because if any of the fields being mapped within the Activity are changed, the LEI will update the Notes document causing a Notes/Domino replication later down the line.

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