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My company is large (10,000+), diversified, and decentralized (lots of servers). I want to make the Upgrade By Mail facility work for upgrading clients from 4.5x or 4.6x to 5.x. I further want to use the "silent mode" so that the users will not see the questions...for the most part they don't know where their Notes is located, nor do I want them given the opportunity to upgrade to the Designer or Admin clients-in other words I will force them into the base client, and I thought I would have create different files for c:notes vs. d:notes for where the code resides and put them into the installation directory. I have lots of questions, I have been working on this for quite some time. . the different client operating systems (win9x, WinNT, Win2k) seem to work differently--that is win95 doesn't seem to like the UNC form (servershare), but prefers a drive letter mapped. Along with that, we have some sites that are still Novell for their file servers, some have moved to NT. I need to know what works where with each OS and file server type. . In the silent mode, I get very little feedback when something doesn't work. I see there is a setup.log, but here is that file, what does this result code mean?
[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File

. I REALLY need more documentation on how to use this facility. I need it to have a table for the OSes and I need it to have the result code descriptions. Where is that information? This facility is not new, there MUST be some documentation on it. The Migration Guide has little, the Admin Help not much more. I hope there is some internal document or Technote? . What I have been trying is this. I put several files into the installation directory: they are links that run the setup.exe -s -f1c_notes.iss where the c_notes.iss is set for C: drive and Notes directory (as opposed to d: and LotusNotes which would be in another link and another .iss file. The problem with this approach is that I have to change the directories in the link at each site to match the drive letter they will map to. I guess that is livable, but now I am having problems with the result code above. Please provide me links to any bit of documentation on this subject, or maybe some expert knows these answers. Thanks!
What I did was modified the upgrade by mail form so that different upgrade paths appeared for the different workstation versions and OS's that people were running. There were certain situations that I knew that the person couldnt be upgraded by mail at all, and then I displayed them something about having to be manually upgraded. This is one of those features that Lotus has just implemented without really having a great deal of knowledge in house about what works and what doesnt. You appear to have more knowledge than many of the people inside lotus on these issues. I would just look at the documents avaialable on notes.net for more information about the install process.

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