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Use Lotus Notes/Domino to develop our own local systems?

I need to determine whether we can use Lotus Notes/Domino (or other components) to develop our own local systems i.e., workflow, reporting or document management. Any insight?
Now that's an open ended question and the real answer is, it depends! First of all, what expertise exists in house? If you have a lot of Domino experience in your development shop, this is good case for pursuing Domino as the answer across the board, but on a project-by-project basis. Let's cover each category.

What are you looking for document management? If you're looking for simple versioning, this can easily be done. If you are looking for check-in and check-out, this can be done, but if you are looking for a long term document/records management system with compliance issues, you may do better investing in a full fledge document management system.

As a reporting tool, Notes is not the most flexible and easy to use. Views, provide great, up to minute snapshots of the information they contain. You can also use views to format a document for a static snapshot, e.g., a daily processing summary. For more detailed reporting, you need to use Crystal Reports or similar reporting tools running against the Domino data.

I have created a number of workflow applications. Some were fairly straight forward, others used parameter and/or profile documents to drive the workflow to the next step. Today workflow often requires that the end user administrators be able to modify the workflow. This is most easily accomplished through a workflow tool that provides some type of graphical interface to show the workflow and then configure the steps of the process.

You can accomplish any of these needs through Notes/Domino, but you need to evaluate how to best provide the long term needs of your company -- think strategically, not just tactically. Since it appears that your company already employs Domino for its Web applications, this seems a good direction to follow.

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