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User getting 'Variable not declared' error when Notes 6.5 launches

Whenever Notes 6.5 launches, one user in my organization is getting "Variable not declared: TimeValidateARGSext unable to load frame content." Her folders view is gone from her Notes desktop. What happened?
This issue sounds like your user has some old design elements left over (e.g., some folders) in her mail database.

There are two ways to repair this:

  1. Upgrade the folders in the users mail file using the "Upgrade folder design" Action, and/or
  2. Replace the users mail database design on the server.
To run the "upgrade folders design" tool, perform the following:
  1. Open the users mail database.
  2. Select any folder that the user has created (this is where you will most likely see the error again).
  3. From the [Actions] menu, choose [Upgrade Folder Design].
  4. When the prompt appears, choose the "Manual Upgrade" button.
  5. From the "Upgrade folders" dialog box, choose the [Select All] button.
  6. Ensure that the "Inbox" is selected under the "Please choose a design..."
  7. Click OK.
  8. When asked to upgrade any more folders, choose [NO].
If the "folders view" (by which I assume you mean the database "Navigator") is still missing, replace the design of the database on the server.

To replace the design of the user's mail database on the server, type the following at the server's command prompt.

load convert -r mail\youruser.nsf  *  mail6.ntf 
Which will run the conversion utility on the mail database:
  • with the filename, and in the path "mail\youruser.nsf"
  • replacing all of the design elements in the database "*"
  • with the standard Notes 6 mail template "mail6.ntf."
To replace the design with the extended mail template (mail6ex.ntf) or an alternate template substitute the "mail6.ntf" reference.

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