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Users can't see documents when name is in Readers/Authors fields

We have imported an Excel file into Lotuts Notes. The Notes document contains Readers and Authors fields. The Employee Name name on the spreadsheet should be the Reader and Author names field. I have refreshed documents so that all fields are okay.

Here is my problem: In Notes, people are not able to see any of their documents when their name is also in Readers/Authors fields. The Readers field is present as: Field Flags: SUMMARY READ-ACCESS NAMES.

My question is, how do I get these documents updated?

To work correctly in all situations, Readers and Authors fields must contain the full canonical name (CN=.../O=...), not just the person's name. It's good that you know to look at the document properties and check that flag, but do you realize you have to do it from a view, not while the document is open, to get just the information that's actually stored in the document? Look out for Readers fields that contain names as a single string delimited by a comma, semicolon or some other character rather than actually containing multiple values.

Here's a document that might help.

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