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Using @Unique

I am fairly new in Domino design and I'm trying to create a routing database. I have read in the help file to use @unique with @mailsend, but cant figure out the details. Do you have an example I could refer to?
I'm not sure why you'd need to use the @Unique function with @MailSend. @Unique has two basic uses, with no parameters, it returns an 11 character alpha-numeric value such as DHAR-123456. When supplied a parameter, normally a list of values, it returns a unique list, much like the DISTINCT parameter of the SELECT statement in SQL. The following example illustrates using @Unique.

List:= "John Galt":"Hank Rearden":"Dagny Taggart":"Winston Smith":"Guy Montag":"John Galt";
  The result of this code would be: "John Galt":"Hank Rearden":"Dagny Taggart":"Winston Smith":"Guy Montag"

As you most likely know, the @MailSend function is used to send a mail message. If has two signatures: 

@MailSend(sendTo ; copyTo ; blindCopyTo ; subject ; remark ; bodyFields ; [flags])

With no parameters, you must have a field in the current document named SendTo and if should contain the list of recipients that should get the mail. If the document contains a SendTo field with a valid recipient list, the document is mailed to them.

When the second signature is used, you must, as a minimum, supply one of one or more recipients in the SendTo parameter. The other parameters are optional. The current document will be mailed to the recipients named in the SendTo, CopyTo and BlindCopyTo parameters.

The following example would send the current document via e-mail to a list of users:

Recipients:= "John Galt":"Hank Rearden":"Dagny Taggart":"Winston Smith":"Guy Montag";
@MailSend(Recipients;"";"";"Automated Mail Process: A new document has been submittted");
There is no reason why you have to use the two together? Hope that helps

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