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Using add-in Java API in Notes/Domino

This developer is looking for a tip on how to use an add-in Java API (namely, Java Comm API) in Notes/Domino.

I tried to use an add-in Java API (namely, Java Comm API) in Notes/Domino, but I couldn't get it working. I could not find any answers in the www.notes.net forum.

Basically, I just want to know where I should put the three important files included in the Java Comm API: comm.jar, javax.comm.properties and win32com.dll. Currently, comm.jar has been included in the project. Javax.comm.properties has been put under /jvm/lib directory. Win32com.dll has been put under /notes directory.

But it's still throwing errors, i.e., "Caught java.lang.NullPointerException: name can't be null while loading driver com.sun.comm.Win32Driver"

Any help you can provide in resolving this matter will be greatly appreciated.

I'm not a Java expert, but if you're writing this as an agent in Domino, I suspect your best bet is to include the files you need in your Domino database design -- either as part of your agent, or in a separate "Java Script Library" design element. After all, other people who run your code will not necessarily have these libraries on your disk -- even if the Notes client JVM knew to look for them there.


If someone else is interested in finding a solution to this Java API, I've managed to get it working. I have put my solution here. I hope it helps!

—Rusyinni R.

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