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Valid users not able to log in

We are currently running Lotus Domino version 6.0.2CF1 on a Windows 2000 server. This server is our mail server. Since we upgraded to R6, we have noticed random errors in the server's Notes log where users are denied access to the server. The exact error message is:

ATTEMPT TO ACCESS SERVER by xxx/yyy/companyname was denied.
These users are not listed in any deny access groups. Once UPDall -R is run on the address book, the user is able to access the server. Can you tell us why this started occurring after the R6 upgrade and what we can do to prevent it from occurring again? Your help is greatly appreciated.
First of all, sorry it took a month to get back to you. I answer questions in batches, and you just missed the cutoff for my last batch.

As to your question...There sometimes is a caching delay when new users are added to Domino, especially if they are added to a group that is used in an ACL. It can take a while for the new user to be recognized. But I have never seen this problem for existing users who were able to log on before. (Actually I did see it back in 4.5 time, but not lately.) I suspect (as a guess) that the address book may be corrupted in some way.

If this is a single server (no other Domino servers are sharing the NAB) you could try doing a File/Database/Copy to make a fresh version of the NAB. Then rename the old and new files, so the new version becomes names.nsf. Be aware, however, that the new version will have a different replica ID so it won't synch correctly with other servers in the domain.

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