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I have an issue that has recently surfaced. We are running Domino 5.0.10 and a mix of the 5.0.7 & 5.0.10 Notes clients. For some reason I have had 2 users where their inbox has vanished from their Notes client - and from what they tell me they didn't delete it - but you know how that goes.

Anyway, I was wondering how to restore the inbox and if you had any experience as to why this would be happening?

Any information you can give would be appreciated.

Even though this is not a security question per se, I believe I can be of assistance. I've had the problem a little bit like yours at a client site, where a handful of users suddenly ended up with a second inbox. The Lotus Notes On Data Structure (ODS) is a very robust data structure, but sometimes, corruption can occur and bring with it some weird behavior. This was the case with some of the databases at the client site and seems to be the case with your two users.

The fix is straightforward. Go to the Workspace, Press the Right Ctrl and Shift buttons, right-click on the database's icon, select Database then Go to... This will bring up a dialog box of all views and folders (even the hidden ones, a nifty trick to remember). Scan to see if the Inbox folder might not be there. It could be that it still is there, but has been renamed in some sort of way. If it's there, delete it. If it's not there, well, it's been obviously deleted.

To restore the Inbox, run the database through a refresh design, by again right-clicking on the database icon and selecting Database then Refresh Design... This will ensure that all the elements in the template are present in the database and thus, the inbox will be restored that way.

Finally, in regards to why this would happen for only a couple of users, I'm sorry to say I can't really tell with the information I have at hand.

I hope this provides you with the answers you sought.

Regards, Frederic Dahm

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