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Viewing all activities on the same line

I've got management asking me for a view that shows every activity a person has scheduled for the next six months on the same line. Each activity is a separate entry form. Although I have told them this is not possible because each document is represented by its own line, I am starting to question my response since everyone is pushing so hard for it. Is it in fact possible? If so (and I don't think it is), can you give me point me in the right direction?

You're thinking along the right lines. This isn't doable in a view as a report ready to be seen at a moment's notice. You might be able to accomplish it with a third-party reporting tool, or you can use a little trick to make it look like you have done the same thing. I've used this trick in a few other projects and it works well if the report is "batch generated."

Create a view that has your general report layout but with the event information on separate lines as you would expect. For example:

J. Gibson
 Event A Phoenix June 1, 2005
 Event C New York June 12, 2005
 Event A Fresno July 3, 2005
T. Jones
 Event R Philadelphia May 15, 2005
 Event Q Chicago  June 12, 2005
 Event W Seattle  August 9, 2005

Then, during the batch cycle, process the view and create a condensed line for the report based on the data displayed in the view. Based on the information above, it might look like this:

J. Gibson   Event A--Phoenix--June 1, 2005; Event C--New York--June 12, 2005; Event A--Fresno--July 3, 2005
T. Jones   Event R--Philadelphia--May 15, 2005; Event Q--Chicago--June 12, 2005; Event W--Seattle--August 9, 2005

Another option is to have a report form that parses the view when the form is opened. This gives a more accurate representation of the current data, but it may take a while for the form to display depending on the amount of data in the view.

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