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Want to integrate 'Performance Appraisal' with Oracle HR

We have a "Performance Appraisal" Notes application that we would like to integrate with Oracle HR to pass various fields from Notes to Oracle HR once the appraisal has been approved. Currently, the integration is being done manually. We want the HR clerk to be able to hit a button to update Oracle. I'm going to be utilizing 2 Oracle API's for this integration to take place.

One is an update of an existing record in Oracle. I'm assuming that I can utilize an "Update" event based on a flag and used as a filter, so that the update to Oracle doesn't take place every time the Notes document is saved.

The second update is actually calling an API to create a row in an Oracle table. I was thinking I would actually have to create a new document with a different form and inherit the fields that I want to get to Oracle. Then, would I have to create an activity that monitors the "creation" of this second document? Is this the best way to accomplish this?
You did not give many details about the techinical approach, but I agree that your approach sounds reasonable. Based on your reference to "Update" and "Create" I will guess that you are planning to use DECS. You should take a careful look at the process used within Oracle HR to perform the tasks you've mentioned. While Lotus provides a Connector for Oracle Apps, that Connector works with Financials only. To integrate with the HR module you will have to use one of the Oracle Connectors, either for O7 or O8. Typically, ERP packages, like Oracle Apps, invoke a large amount of business logic for even the simplest tasks. If you must work directly against the underlying data table, be sure you adhere to the rules of the application. If you break or even bend any of these rules they might come back and bite you with bad data.

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