Wants to create view selection formula for documents

Can you help a newbie? I am looking to create a view of documents that do not have Ref documents created for them. I wish to omit any document that has Ref documents. Can you help, either with code or else by directing me where to find the solution?
A view selection formula can only select documents for inclusion in a view based on the data in that document, or based on whether its parent is also in the same view. There's no way to select only documents that have no responses (or that have responses, or whose responses contain particular field values).

What you can do, however, is write a server agent that will scan for documents that meet your criteria and set a field value in those documents. The selection formula can use this field to decide whether to include them in the view. Or the agent can find these documents and put them into a folder. (Use the access properties of the folder to prevent users from manually adding and removing documents in the folder.)

I wrote an article for The View that explains how to create fancy views like this. If you're not a subscriber, you can still download the sample database.

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