Wants to refresh field, not entire form

I have two fields on a form. One is dialog lists with formula for choice. I am using @dblookup in item options with item type as the key to search for the value for its options. Every time I change the item type based on the dialog list choice I want my item options to change to the list for the item type. The problem is when we used the "refresh fields on keyword change," it refreshes the whole form. Is there a way to refresh a field only?
Not in the Notes client, but you can make it less of a problem to refresh the whole form by writing your validation formulas to check whether the document is just being refreshed and not complain in that case, e.g.,
@If(@IsDocBeingRecalculated; @Success; 
@ThisValue = ""; "You must enter 
a Fudge Factor."; @Success) 

If you're designing for the Web, you can use JavaScript to rewrite the choice lists of combobox and list fields in an onchange event of the main field.

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