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Web server will not respond to Notes client requests after upgrade

I recently upgraded my Web server from v5.0.7 to v6 -- server and Notes Client. After I started the server for the first time, I selected "Yes" to upgrade the database designs to R6 format. Soon I noticed that the server was not responding to any requests. I quickly installed v.5.0.11 on the machine (without uninstalling 6 first), replaced the NAB, da.nsf, domlog.nsf and domcfg.nsf with databases in R5 format. Soon I got the server back up and running, but it would not respond to Notes client requests (HTTP and SMTP requests were good). I played with it for a while and eventually ended up re-installing R5 again (server and client) hoping that would fix something, but it didn't help.

This time I went into the Control Panel and uninstalled Domino 6 and Notes 6, so that there was no Domino software on the system. After re-installing Domino and Notes R5 (again!), I still get no results. I am still good on all of the other requests, just not Notes Client. The funny thing is that the server opens a session every time a request is made (port TCP/IP on the server console), it just doesn't give anything back. I also recently deleted the entire temp directory from the drive, but still got no results. This is not a firewall or NAB issue.

I can ping the server using the Nping utility. The server is portioned: WinNT on C:\ and Domino\Notes on D:\. The ports are all correctly configured in the INI file. All of the IP addresses are correct and I have updated the network adapters to the latest version. It is really weird because the server responded to my requests for about 15 minutes two different times, but then stopped responding again. Like I said, everything seems to be working except for TCP/IP on port 1352. The SMTP hosts can connect and it serves up Web requests with no problem. Thank you for any suggestions you can offer.
I don't know what else could be causing the problem. Did you replace the design of the databases with R5 versions after the downgrade? Also, make sure the cursor is not clicked somewhere inside the Domino DOS screen. If the cursor is there, it can cause lockups. I'm grabbing at straws here, but also make sure the server isn't set to hibernate, and make sure you don't have a newly upgraded/bad network card driver. Good luck.

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