What do I have to learn to read the design synopsis in ND6?

Since I have upgraded to ND6, I can no longer read the design synopsis as well as I could before using my screen reader. I have been trying to learn enough XML, XSLT or whatever I need to learn so that I can transform design elements into HTML and have them sent to my browser. Where can I go to learn enough of this stuff so that I can begin to create XSLT that I can use to get what I need and begin to create my own version of the design synopsis?
From my experience, I think that you'll find learning the various XML APIs easier than understanding XSLT. Since ND6 ships with Domino XML (DXL) LotusScript classes, you can use these or, if you are like me, you can use the Java XML APIs available at java.sun.com. As for the learning aspect I can recommend two books that I have used with fair success -- Applied XML -- A Toolkit for Programmers from Wiley and Professional XSL from Wrox. I really like the Applied XML book, since it includes both COM (which can be used inside LotusScript via the Microsoft XML COM object) and Java examples. If you are interested in learning the DXL then I suggest starting with the "Domino Objects for DXL Support" hierarchy map that is available from the Designer client's "Show me" pull-down. You should also take a look at the XML tutorials available at IBM's developerWorks Web site.

FYI -- The reason I prefer the Java XML classes, which are what we use Stone Pond to develop our fleXML product (specifically "JAX-P" -- the Java API for XML Processing), is that they go beyond the scope of Domino. You will be able to take those skills beyond the Lotus world, whether that be Workplace, WebSphere or another vendor's platform.

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