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What kind of LEI connection can I use to connect to the SQL?

I'm running LEI on an AS/400 and wish to push data from a Domino database (also on the same AS/400) to an SQL Server on another machine. What kind of LEI connection can I use to connect to the SQL database? I've read the LEI documentation which suggests that ODBC is not supported for LEI on AS/400.
I think you have found an area that the Lotus/AS400 union does not support very well. The options Lotus provides for connecting with SQLServer are the OLE and ODBC Connector, neither of which run on the AS/400. One option that you do have is to install a Windows server in your AS400, which is used to run a Notes client and your LEI Server. If you are interested in more information on this send me a note and I can connect you with the right people.

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