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When the e-mail address in the location doc. can be changed by the user

The e-mail address in the location document can be changed by the user to anyone's address. Some mail sent to the Internet is showing up as if it were sent from the new address. Some users are causing a lot of problems.

I was checking out the various combinations and found that if the user's location document didn't contain an e-mail address, then the address could be taken from the directory, which is the correct address of the user. How do I stop this from happening?
This seems to be more of an Admin question than a security question, but here's the answer nonetheless.

While there is not a setting that will force the server to ignore the Internet Address in the Location document, this can be accomplished in R5 by removing a Notes Field from the header of the message before they are used to generate the Internet address of the sender. The field in question is the INETFrom field. There is some additional work that needs to be done as well. Listed below is what needs to be done to resolve your situation.

All of the changes to the server Configuration document need to be done only to the last server that handles the outbound Internet mail - usually the SMTP gateway server.

Step 1 -- On the Basics tab of the server Configuration document, there is a field entitled "International MIME settings for this document:". Please enable this field by checking the box next to it.

Step 2 -- In the server Configuration document, there is a field entitled "Lookup Internet address for all Notes addresses when Internet address is not defined in document:". It is on the tabs MIME/Conversion Options/Outbound. Please switch this field to "Enabled".

Step 3 -- In the server Configuration document, there is a field entitled "Notes fields to be removed from headers:". It is on the tabs MIME/Advanced/Advanced Outbound Message Options. In this field, please write the names of the field "INETFrom". The "INETFrom" field is the field that displays the Internet Address field from the Location document. By removing this field from the e-mail, you will make it impossible for the recipient of the e-mail to see the Internet Address from the sender's Location document. The field "RFC822 phrase handling:" field can be set to anything you would like - even "Do not add phrase". But to be safe, I suggest setting it to something other than "Do not add phrase".

Step 4 -- In the Person document, please make sure that the Internet address of the user is listed in the "Internet address:" field in the Mail tab.

Step 5 -- Restart the server so that all of these changes take effect.

Here is what these changes will do: The changes made in Step 1 will ensure that the changes made in the MIME tab will take effect. The changes made in Step 3 will remove the "INETFrom" field from the outbound Internet mail; this will make seeing the Internet address from the Location document impossible. Next, because the e-mail now no longer has an Internet address, the changes made in Step 2 will force the Router to gather the sender's Internet address from his Person document. Step 4 is to ensure that the Person document does indeed have a valid Internet address.

So, while these changes aren't the easiest thing to do, they will get you your desired end result.

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