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Where can I get code you mentioned in your QuickTips tip?

In Time-saving quick tips: Don't underestimate their value, you wrote:
Another super saver that I created is a small bit of formula language in a smart icon that assists a user in producing an ad-hoc report. A part of this report reviewed recent changes in information architecture-related items, the user includes a list of items that have been reviewed by a technical review committee, the status of that review and a link to the full document in the review database. Originally, this all was done manually. Now, when in the review database, the user selects the document to include in the report and then the code gathers the information from the review database, writes it to an environment variable and copies the doclink information to the clipboard. When not in the review database, the smart icon code inserts the doclink in the current document and appends a formatted version of the review information on the same line. This cuts the process of adding an item to the report to just two clicks, and it's another great time saver that is now used over and over again.
Where can I get ahold of the code to do this?
Here is the formula I use. In the source database, it works on a highlighted document in a view or the currently open document. In the user's new memo, it just pastes the stored values. Here is a list of what some of the values below refer to:
  • BKM_TT: an arbitrary name I assigned for the environment variable to store the text.
  • PresentTitleTX: the field that stores the title of the presentation being identified.
  • ObjectiveTx: the description of the purpose of the presentation.
  • Status: the current status of the presentation.
Basically, if the database title matches the source database, it executes the first @Do section and captures the information; otherwise, it executes the second @Do section and pastes the information into the current document.
@If(@DbTitle  = "Title of Source DB";
    @Environment("BKM_TT"; PresentTitleTX + " - " + @Abstract( [TextOnly]; 400; 
""; "ObjectiveTX") + " [" + Status +"] "); @Command([EditMakeDocLink]) ); @Do( @Command( [EditInsertText];" " + @Environment("BKM_TT") + " " ; @Command([EditPaste]) )) )

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