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Why am I getting schedmgr and validation errors?

I have been getting errors both for people who are no longer working with our company and people that are currently employed with our company. I've seen a lot of posts on IBM Notes forums, but I kind of get lost in the woods with all those postings. Can you help me decipher what these mean?

06/09/2005 02:32:15 PM SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT000020FA) in database maildjohnson.nsf:
Cannot find user in Domino Directory 06/09/2005 02:32:15 PM Error validating user Debbie Johnson/wsi while processing calendar appointment (NoteID: NT00003BB6) in database maildjohnson.nsf:
Cannot find user in Domino Directory

The errors are quite simple.

Debbie used to work for your company. Her mail database is still active, but her person document does not exist in the Domino Directory.

Every mail database contains a user's profile document. The profile document contains the user's "free time," that is, the time they will let you schedule meetings with them. The schedule manager periodically reads this information to update the Free time system (busytime.nsf) depending on whether the user is listed in the Domino directory. Even though Debbie is no longer in your Domino Directory as a person, the schedule manager is still running on her mail database -- thus, you are getting this error: "Error Processing calendar Profile Document..."

Add the following code in an agent in Debbie's database and run it.

dim s as new NotesSession 
dim db as NotesDatabase 
dim prodoc as NotesDocument 

set db=s.CurrentDatabase 
set prodoc=db.GetProfileDocument("CalendarProfile" , "Debbie Johnson/wsi") 
call prodoc.Remove(true)

That will delete Debbie's profile from the database and your first error will stop appearing.

As for your "Error validating..." message, every appointment that a user creates in his mail database includes a $BusyName field. The schedule manager reads from the content of this field to update the free time system, combines it with the information in the profile document and tells other users when Debbie is "busy."

Create another agent to run on all documents in the database, and add the following formula. Then run the agent.

FIELD $BusyName := @DeleteField
This will make your second error stop appearing.

Speed up the process by typing the following at the server's console:

Tell Sched Validate

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