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Why are profile documents being included in Notes query results?

I have an agent that writes task summaries to a Domino Web page for a manager (e.g., "7 forecast updates required"), which works fine. The displayed text is formatted with a Notes:// link. If the manager clicks the link, a Notes document is displayed with detail about the documents with a Notes link to each. However, I had to add a workaround to this because the same query that works through Domino returns extra documents when it runs in their Notes clients; if the database for the query has profile documents, then all profile documents are returned in the collection. I had to add workaround code to only write the document details and Notes link (and skip the profile documents) if the document had the form name that I wanted. The queries have a form name included (e.g., Form = "AudCov"). I don't know why the profile documents are being included in the collection. The Notes document should write very quickly, but the profile document processing slows it way down. Can you help?
The most obvious thing I can see from your description would be the way your are collecting your documents.

Are you creating your collection (containing the documents to be processed; that is, "the query") from a search or by looping through documents in a known view and then writing your output?

The clue I get to this is the collection being returned through the Web (is the user authenticated at the time?) is most likely running with a lower level of security and, thus, is able to access fewer documents, thereby allowing for the different number of documents being returned in less time. Whereas the agent being run through the Notes client is operating with a higher authorization and is therefore able to access more documents, thus your "workaround."

Are your profile documents really profiles (i.e., accessed through @Commmand([EditProfile]) or something similar), or are those documents simply different Notes located in another view in the database? Again, I ask this as profile documents are not normally accessed through "standard" Notes collections.

My suggestion -- without further detail -- would be to create a view dedicated to showing ONLY the types of documents you want to write task summaries for and then create an agent that loops through only those documents to present your summary.

Alternatively, create a view that has the selection criteria matching the document types you are looking for, make the view "Shared, Private on first use" and create your links from that view through the Notes client for the current user.

Member feedback:
Thank you, Mathew, for taking time to answer to my question. However, all your assumptions about why it was happening were wrong.

  • The user is authenticated on Domino and the Web (using IIS and Domino configured with a WebSphere plug-in). Access might be slightly lower on the Web, but I'm not even going to check because my Notes access is higher than this user's in Notes, and it doesn't happen to me.

  • The profile documents are Notes Profile documents, not a form doing profile-type work. But you are correct, there is no way these should appear in a query result. Hence my question.

  • I am not getting the collection incorrectly, I am setting the collection based on my query, and this is completely valid.

  • There is no way I would add design elements (views) to collect the documents instead. I already loop through seven queries in this agent and will certainly add more, probably tripling the number of queries it does. I am not going to support each of these queries with shadow views.
Finally, in the meantime, I found that upgrading to the R6 client solves the issue, so there is either something wrong (corrupt?) with this database that R5 can't handle, but R6 can, or R5 had processing problems that were solved in R6.

The fact that the version change worked makes sense, because the Domino server was using R6 and their client was R5. From the Web, the server did all the work, so it was R6 doing everything. In Notes, the server was R6, but the client was R5. I'd bet you right now that if the server was R5 and the client R5, that it would have worked properly. I'll bet this is an R5-R6 incompatibility issue (which would be extremely rare with Notes in my past experience, but seems to be cropping up in this upgrade).

Mat's response:
I am going out on a limb here, and assuming you are working with document collections compiled via DB.Search.

As you have indicated with your additional information, if you are using an R5 client querying an ND6 server and you are using a DB.Search to collect the documents, the profiles may be displayed in the R5 client's results.

This issue has been reported previously under the same conditions that you indicated in your response, and where the document collection is based on DB.search.

I am pleased for you that my assumptions based on your original question were incorrect, and you that were able to resolve this issue yourself. Thanks for the feedback.

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