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Why can't I extract embedded objects in the body of a message using LotusScript?

Why can't I extract embedded objects in the body of a message using LotusScript (Notes 6.5.2)?

I can get attachments using the EmbeddedObjects property, but not graphics in a message. I'm using this code to test to see what is embedded:

If Isarray(rtItem.EmbeddedObjects) Then
 Forall Object In RTItem.EmbeddedObjects
  Select Case Object.Type
     Messagebox "Attachment"
     Messagebox "Embedded"
   End Select
  End Forall
End If
If the graphic in the message is referenced via an HTML link (i.e., img src), the "object" is NOT and OLE object, and, therefore, is not accessible through the code you are calling.

The code you are writing is correct for handling any file attachment or OLE file (i.e., [Create] menu --> [Object]), but will not work if the "object" you are looking at is enclosed in HTML.

Add some code to go directly to the source of the referenced file and save it to your required location, along with any other EmbeddedObjects in the document.

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