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Why doesn't dual-byte Oracle data come out correctly in the Notes database?

We have a LEI replication activity that does one-way replication from Oracle to Notes. The Oracle table has both single- and dual-byte data, but for some reason the dual-byte data does not come out correctly in the Notes database.

Is this an LEI known issue or something to do with the replication activity? OR there is some setting that we are missing? The LEI version we are using is 3.2.
My first guess would have to be that Oracle and Notes are not sharing the same character set. You should verify what character set each is running. The LEI Server Configuration record lets you specify the level of "International Text Translation" that LEI will perform during activity execution. There is fairly good documentation on this setting in the LEI User Guide -- "31 Appendix C: Character sets." If Oracle and Notes are sharing the same character set, then I suggest you contact Lotus support for more help with this problem.

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