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Why is Lotus script so slow?

Why is Lotus script so slow to execute when the exact same code in Visual Basic is (by my crude benchmarking) approximately twenty times faster? Is this issue being addressed in any future releases of notes?
Well, that's a muilti-part question. The speed comparison should be done between LotusScript and VB4, from which it is primarily based. In subsequent releases of VB, Microsoft has allowed the code to be compiled, which makes it much faster, while in VB4 (and earlier) and LotusScript, the code is not complied, but interpreted. What this means is, the code is "compiled and executed on the fly". In VB5 and newer, the code is compiled when you compile it or save it (if you don't compile it to an executable, it pseudo-compiles it to p-code, which is about 1/2 way between the source and complete compilation).

As to whether it will be addressed in future releases, I can't say for sure, since I don't work for Lotus, and haven't seen anything in the current literature pertaining to it, but it's probably an optimization and speed issue they look at for every release.

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