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Why is my server so slow?

Our server is slow. I've looked at some statistics and, in particular, found that the AvailabilityIndex is low (typically between 20 and 40). How can I find out the reason for the slowness? I need something more than a documentation of the problem we're experiencing.

We are running Domino 6.5 on Windows 2000, with 2.5 GB of memory. Typically, we have about 400 Notes client users and 100 Web client users. And we use Microsoft failover cluster.

IMHO, the Availability Index is not very useful. I've seen servers that screamed, yet showed availability of 20. And I've seen some that were real dogs, and showed availability of 99.

Consider looking at Performance Monitor to see where your bottleneck is. It sounds like RAM is good, but check it to be sure. Make certain your CPU isn't maxed out, and check for I/O contention. My guess is that either your CPU(s) are pegged, or your system is not optimized from an I/O perspective (for instance, separation of processes and files among many controller channels).

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