Workflow template in Notes (Approval Cycle)

I am utilizing and customizing the Workflow template in Notes (Approval Cycle). Could you please help me customize in such a way notifications could be sent 2 days after the document is created, meaning aging for 2 days. The application has an agent sending notifications after the due date. What I want to ask is if you could help me create an agent informing the users and reminding them of the approving task. Thank you.
You need to create an agent that is a duplicate of the "Process Past Due Approvals" Agent and call it something like reminders. Modify the selection criteria that appears in the initialize object from:

Set documents = db.Search("@Today => @Date(DueDate) & @Member(Status; StatusList) = 3", Nothing, 0) to something like Set documents = db.Search("@Adjust(@Today;0; 0; -2; 0; 0; 0) => @Modiifed) & @Member(Status; StatusList) = 3", Nothing, 0)

This will select the documents that have not been modified in two days and are awaiting approval.

This will work in most cases but if someone edits and saves a document but doesn't approve it, a reminder will not be sent until two days after the edit. You can get around this by modifying the actions to save a last action date and use this in your selection formula.

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