Writing a script equivalent of @Prompt ( {localbrowse};) in R4.6

How do I write a script equivalent of @Prompt([Localbrowse];) in R4.6
There is no LotusScript equivalent of @Prompt([LocalBrowse]). There are a few ways you could achieve this. You could use a dialogbox that you call from your script that has a button with @Prompt([LocalBrowse]) which would probably be the simplest way to handle it. Regardless, you are going to need a dialog because there is no Multi-Select prompt in LotusScript. The other way would be to actually code lookups to local drives, and the directory structure in the opening event of the form that you are calling with the dialogBox function. Then you would have to have it refresh on drive/dir change. This would be a far more complex approach and I would suggest creating a simple form with your @Prompt([LocalBrowse]), calling the dialogBox from LotusScript, and capturing the resulting text string back to LotusScript when the user clicks OK.

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