QuickPlace is Lotus's Web-based shared workspace software for real time collaboration among geographically dispersed participants. Using QuickPlace, coworkers, suppliers, partners, and customers can communicate online immediately within a structured workspace created for that purpose. An online workspace can make it possible for people to work together more easily and less expensively, and in some cases, makes collaboration possible when it would not have been otherwise. In the wake of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company called Principle Software offered to create a QuickPlace for any company that needed a venue for collaboration.

Here's how a session with QuickPlace works: As a team leader, you open a Web browser and enter the URL (Web address) of a QuickPlace server. At the server's Web page, you click the "Create a QuickPlace" link. In the next window, you select a name for the QuickPlace and authenticate yourself. At this point (usually less than a minute), the QuickPlace has been created. You go to the Members page and add the names of your team members and assign their permission levels for the space, giving each member reader, author, or manager status. Again, usually in less than a minute, members can enter the workspace and begin to participate: join discussions, review or coauthor documents with other team members, manage tasks, and so on.

QuickPlace is available on five platforms and in fourteen languages. QuickPlace is often used in conjunction with Sametime, another popular Lotus collaboration product.

This was last updated in August 2005

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