program temporary fix (PTF)

In IBM, a program temporary fix (PTF) is a temporary solution to a bug in an IBM software product that is made available for customers to install. A PTF is developed after a customer or someone at IBM encounters the problem and an authorized program analyis report (APAR) is written. The PTF effectively "closes" the APAR and then is made available for delivery to customers. PTFs can be applied individually but are usually made available as part of a fix package that includes a number of PTFs. A fix package can be distributed as one or more downloadable compressed files or on a CD-ROM.

Meanwhile, the PTFs are provided to the development group that is working on the next product release. The developers may or may not use the PTFs (since these are temporary fixes), but will determine and design the correct problem solution to incorporate in the next product release.

This was last updated in September 2005

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