Lotus Notes Domino access control lists (ACLs)

Improve your Lotus Notes Domino ACL knowledge and learn how to better secure user permissions in your Notes/Domino environment.

Access control lists (ACLs) define what actions different types of Lotus Notes users are allowed to take when dealing with Domino Server. They are the means by which access to and denial of

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Check out the Notes/Domino Access, Permissions and Authentication Reference Center for more tips and expert advice.

 services are controlled. This collection of articles, tutorials and expert advice will improve your Lotus Notes Domino ACL knowledge and show you how to better secure user permissions in your Notes/Domino environment.

TIPS AND TUTORIALS--------------------------

Access levels in the Notes Domino ACL
Learn about the different access levels administrators can assign to users in a Lotus Notes database ACL, what each access level allows them to do, and which access levels are assigned to what Lotus Notes Domino users. The IBM article also includes quick step-by-step instructions on how to view ACL entries by access level.

Configuring a Lotus Notes database ACL
Here are the steps that Lotus Notes and Domino Server administrators need to take to configure a Lotus Notes database ACL. You'll learn what access level you need, what steps you can take for additional security, how to refine entries through access level privileges, how to enforce a consistent ACL and more.

Controlling Domino administration with Extended ACL
Extended ACL is an additional level of database access control, beyond the standard access control list, that allows you to control access to sets of documents within a Lotus Notes Domino database -- much more easily than you could using Reader and Author fields.

Create a Lotus Notes ACL analyzer using LotusScript
When looking at an access control list (ACL) in a Lotus Notes database, you can only view information for one ACL entry at a time. For easier analysis, this LotusScript code from SearchDomino.com member Joe Steblay compiles all ACL information for a selected Lotus Notes database in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with auto-filtered column headings.

EXPERT ADVICE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Get control of your access control lists
This two-part Q&A article offers a plethora of access control list (ACL) advice from our resident security and administration expert Chuck Connell. From customizing private and public views to managing database access levels, you asked and Chuck answered.

Determining the access level of a Lotus Notes user with Formula language
SearchDomino.com expert Cregg Hardwick offers a "cheat" code that will determine the current access level of a Lotus Notes user.

Is the number of possible ACL roles in a database ACL limited?
SearchDomino.com expert Andre Guirard discusses the maximum number of ACL roles allowed on a database and explains why it's sometimes better to use groups instead of roles.

If names.nsf is set to enforce consistent ACL, could a hacker succeed?
How could a hacker open a names.nsf files on a Lotus Domino server if the ACL was set to enforce consistent ACL? SearchDomino.com expert Chuck Connell explains the potential security risk.

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