Running Lotus Notes Domino on Linux

Discover the benefits of running Lotus Notes Domino on Linux with this compilation of installation guides, how-to's, reviews, and best practice advice.

Linux is free, has a reputation for superior stability and also allows you to take its source code and modify it for your own personal needs -- all big selling points for any company that is looking to run their Lotus Notes Domino environment on a Linux operating system. We've compiled our best how-to's on the topic, as well as supplementary articles from the Web.
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So if you're looking for reasons to run Lotus Notes Domino on Linux, or are already there and are looking for helpful pointers, you'll find valuable information you can use here.

ARTICLES AND GUIDES--------------------------

Making the case for running Lotus Notes Domino on Linux
Read this article from to get a solid overview of what it's like to run Lotus Notes Domino on a Linux operating system. A general history of Linux is given, as well as links to some of the primary Linux distributors. Also covered are the advantages to running Lotus Notes Domino on Linux, which include cost savings, stability, availability, security and more.

Step-by-Step Guide: Install Domino Server on SUSE Linux
Lotus Domino Server has been available for the Linux platform for several years. Only recently however, have many corporate and enterprise Domino administrators begun to take Linux seriously as a trusted operating system. In particular, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server have become tried-and-true platforms that administrators now count on for important computing services. In this tutorial, contributor Charles Connell IV describes how to install Domino 7.0.2 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to install Lotus Notes on Linux CentOS-4
After reading the above article on how to install Lotus Domino Server on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you can now find out how to install a client counterpart. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Linux CentOS-4 and configure Lotus Notes on top of it.

Review: IBM Lotus Notes 8 is a Linux killer application
This review makes the case for why it's beneficial to run Lotus Notes Domino 8 on a Linux operating system. Several factors -- including strong security, scalability and extensibility -- contributed to the positive remarks from this reviewer.

Lotus Notes, Domino, and Linux: Beyond the server
Reading this quick how-to from outlines how to set up WINE (Windows Is Not an Emulator) and how to install and run the Lotus Notes client under Red Hat Linux 7.2.

Lotus Domino 6 for Linux
This IBM Redbook explains how to run the Lotus Domino 6 server on the Linux platform. You'll learn security, administration, and performance best practices and discover how to best troubleshoot and circumvent potential problems.

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