Solving your Lotus Notes Domino and BlackBerry problems

Our annual survey shows that a large majority of our Lotus Notes Domino readers are using BlackBerry mobile devices. Refer to this compilation of frequently asked questions and expert answers when seting up BlackBerry devices in your Notes/Domino environments. Whether synchronizing your Notes Personal Address Book, transferring data between devices or blocking spam, we've got the answers you need.

Lotus Notes Domino users are on the go now more than ever, making the effective and efficient use of mobile devices an integral part of doing business. Results from last year's reader survey showed that the large majority of the community use BlackBerry mobile devices. This guide was compiled to help answer some of your most frequently asked BlackBerry questions. No matter what you're searching for -- from synchronizing Notes Personal Address Books, to transferring data between devices, to putting an end to spam -- we've got the answers.

Stop spam on BlackBerry mobile devices

Spam messages are blocked from my Lotus Notes mailbox, but I can't block them on my BlackBerry mobile device. How do I block spam on my BlackBerry?

It sounds as though the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is picking up the spam messages for redirection before the spam filtering software for your Lotus Notes mailbox deletes them.

If many BlackBerry users in your enterprise have this issue, there is a setting on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that will cause the BES to briefly delay redirection so your Lotus Notes Domino spam filters have time to work before messages are redirected. You may want to ask your BES administrator about this.

To fix this yourself, the BlackBerry has filters that you can use to configure which Lotus Notes messages are redirected and which are not get redirected to your mobile device. These filters can be configured with wild cards, multiple to and from addresses, etc.

If you open the message list (inbox) on your BlackBerry smartphone and choose "Help" from the menu list, there is an "Email" category where you'll find a discussion about how email filters work and how to configure them.

How many BlackBerry clients can connect to a Domino server at once?

I'm curious, how many BlackBerry clients can connect to a Lotus Domino server at one time?

Keep in mind that each BlackBerry smartphone doesn't connect to the Lotus Domino server directly; each device connects via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The server, in turn, redirects Lotus Notes Domino email and personal information management (PIM) data for users to their BlackBerry smartphones. It may make more sense to think in terms of how many BlackBerry smartphones connect to each (BES). RIM (Research in Motion) currently tests for performance to a maximum of 2,000 users per BES (generally using two Lotus Notes mail servers -- each with 1,000 users).

A more important question when planning your deployment is, "How many Lotus Notes Domino mail servers does each BES connect with?" Optimally, you want to plan your environment and deploy users so that each BES connects to the fewest mail servers possible. This will ensure that the BES has the resources it needs to scale properly. Testing has shown that two factors most influence BlackBerry Enterprise Server scalability:

  1. The number of Lotus Notes mail servers that each BlackBerry Enterprise Server communicates with;
  2. The number of low-bandwidth connections the BES must use to connect to mail servers. If your concern is reducing the performance affect of the BES on the Lotus Notes Domino mail server, we recommend upgrading to at least Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 and BES 4.1.2 or later.

Determine whether a BlackBerry or a desktop is accessing a website

How can I use my Lotus Domino server to detect whether a BlackBerry or a PC user is accessing a website?

This can be done by examining HTTP header information of the incoming request. Because you can code your Lotus Domino applications using either Java or Formula language code, here are code snippets for each example:

In Java code:

 String source = request.getHeader("user-agent"); (Where 'request' is an instance of 'HttpServletRequest')

In Formula language code:

 @If(@BrowserInfo("BrowserType")= "Netscape";"NS";"IE";"BlackBerry")

To find out the exact contents of the HTTP header, use an HTTP proxy such as TCPMon to record HTTP traffic.

How to allow simultaneous BlackBerry and Lotus Notes calendar access

I have a situation in which some of our BlackBerry users need access to a "group" calendar as well as their own Lotus Notes calendars. How is this accomplished?

Some BlackBerry customers have managed this via Web browser access to view the "group" calendar -- with a bit of custom development. Third-party solutions are also available to accomplish this, and in a more robust fashion. Customers have mentioned Advanced Solutions and Repligo as two RIM partners that provide this solution in their production environments, but others are also available.

BlackBerry Intellisync error: 'A Lotus Notes error has occurred'

After syncing my BlackBerry 7290 mobile device with my Lotus Notes Release 6.5 calendar, I received an Intellisync error stating: "A Lotus Notes error has occurred! Please see log for details." When I view the log through the Desktop Manager, it states: "Internal error #4238. Translation Canceled."

I have absolutely no clue what is causing this BlackBerry Intellisync error. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Desktop Manager 4.0, BlackBerry OS 4.0, and even Lotus Notes itself. I'm at the point where I'm wondering if the mail file (.nsf) is corrupt. I can't see any Lotus Notes calendar entries that look unusual though, so I'm at a loss. Could you please advise?

I recommend contacting support. One item that might help would be using over-the-air synchronization, rather than relying on the Desktop Manager -- if that's an option for you.

Transferring Lotus Notes Domino data from Palm Treo to BlackBerry

I have a Palm Treo 700p and plan to purchase a BlackBerry 8830. How can I transfer all of my Lotus Notes Domino data, i.e., addresses, calendar, notes, memos, etc., from my Palm Treo mobile device to the new BlackBerry?

The latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager software includes the Switch Device Wizard, which allows you to seamlessly upgrade from another mobile device. This feature will also come in handy if you choose to move from your old BlackBerry to another BlackBerry device in the future. The Switch Device Wizard will help you connect devices to your computer, back up the necessary Lotus Notes Domino data from your old mobile device, and then restore it to your new one.

Lotus Notes Personal Address Book won't synchronize with BlackBerry

My BlackBerry device won't reflect the changes that I make in my Lotus Notes Personal Address Book (PAB). After a manual synchronization, Lotus Notes receives the info from my BlackBerry, but it doesn't appear to do anything.

Open your BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) console. Then open your personal record and go to PIM Sync. On the Address Book tab, change your synchronization type to "Bidirectional." I believe that, in your case, it would be "Device to Server." Then send the service book after you've made these changes.

Transfer Lotus Notes data from a Palm Zire 72 to BlackBerry Pearl

I have a Palm Zire 72 and will be buying a Blackberry Pearl. I want to transfer all of my Lotus Notes Domino data from the Palm to the Blackberry. Is there software that I should purchase to ease this transition? Both my Palm software and Lotus Notes client are on my PC.

You can probably perform a direct data transfer wirelessly between the devices, but the best way to do this is to simply install the software that comes with the BlackBerry Pearl (most likely the Desktop Redirector). You can then the Desktop Redirector or other such software to synchronize data on your PC with your new handheld device. Having more than one conduit installed may lead to problems, so you may need to uninstall the software that came with the Palm beforehand.

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