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Top 10 Lotus Notes Domino administration tips of 2007

Covering technical topics from hardware and performance to mobility and security, these were the 10 most popular Lotus Notes Domino administration tips of 2007.

We present our 10 most popular Lotus Notes Domino administration tips of 2007.

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 Setting up Rooms and Resources, implementing Domino Domain Monitoring, configuring BlackBerry Enterprise Server, upgrading Domino server hardware, and tackling Lotus Notes performance and security problems were just some of the hot topics that kept you clicking in 2007.


#1. Daylight Saving Time 2007 -- seven helpful tips for Notes administrators
Daylight Saving Time 2007 now comes three weeks early and lasts one week longer in the fall. Because of these changes, almost all applications that use scheduling need to be patched. SearchDomino.com contributor Andy Pedisich offers tips and resources to help Lotus Notes administrators make the necessary adjustments.

#2. How to correct Lotus Notes public key mismatches in four easy steps
If a Notes Address Book (NAB) public key isn't the same as the one in the ID file, processes fail. Fixing Lotus Notes IDs with mismatched public keys is simple though, if you know these four steps.

#3. Cracked HTTP passwords still a threat on Lotus Notes R6 and R7 domains
During the course of several recent Domino domain audits, consultant Andy Pedisich discovered what was thought to be an extinct Lotus Notes security problem. Unfortunately, it still seems prevalent in many Lotus Notes R6 and R7 domains. Find out if your Notes/Domino domain is at risk for someone cracking your users' HTTP passwords.

#4. Log off idle Lotus Notes users for better Domino Server performance
Read about a simple notes.ini setting that logs off idle Lotus Notes users, clears up valuable CPU and memory, and improves Domino Server performance.

#5. Send SMS text messages between Lotus Notes 7 and mobile devices
Discover a tool download called NotesSMS that enables the sending and receiving of SMS text messages between Lotus Notes 7 and mobile devices.

#6. Eight best practices for running BES on Lotus Notes Domino
Get eight best practices and maintenance tips that will keep BlackBerry Enterprise Server running properly in your Lotus Notes Domino environment.

#7. Copy Notes databases from the Domino Server console command line
Learn an undocumented technique that lets you makes copies of Lotus Notes databases from the Domino Server console command line instead of a client.

#8. How to perform an in-place upgrade of Lotus Domino server hardware
Find out how you can bring up a new server with the exact same name (server ID) as an old server to perform an in-place Domino server hardware upgrade.

#9. Domino Domain Monitoring pros and cons
SearchDomino.com contributor Chuck Connell provides an overview of Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) and outlines strengths and weaknesses of the Notes/Domino 7 administration tool.

#10. Setting up Rooms and Resources in Lotus Notes Domino 7
The Rooms and Resources feature works differently under the covers in Lotus Notes Domino 7, causing configuration confusion for some administrators. This tip explains how to set it up correctly.

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