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Top 10 Lotus Notes Domino programming and development tips of 2007

The results are in. Here are the top 10 most-clicked Lotus Notes programming and development tips of 2007.

The results are in. Here are the top 10 most-clicked Lotus Notes Domino programming and development tips of 2007.  From exporting data and editing Lotus Notes fields to creating backup copies of your Domino Directory and protecting your application design, these were the Lotus Notes Domino coding topics that most piqued your interest in 2007.


#1. A flexible data export agent for Lotus Notes
Get a LotusScript data export agent that allows Lotus Notes users to define any number of their own export configurations (field lists and output files) -- without programming.

#2. A single form to view and edit any Lotus Notes document
Discover how you can build a dynamic HTML form to view and edit Lotus Notes documents using a Web browser.

#3. Creating and adding to multi-value fields within LotusScript
It's a little bit tricky to create multi-value fields in LotusScript, particularly for a time-date or number field, but it can be done. SearchDomino.com contributor Chuck Connell explains how.

#4. Export Notes data to Microsoft Excel using the ADODB.Recordset object
Learn how to export a large amount of Lotus Notes data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using LotusScript, the ADODB.Recordset object and SQL.

#5. Creating Microsoft Word documents from Lotus Notes
Find out how to create Microsoft Word documents from a back-end Lotus Notes database using Java code.

#6. Export Lotus Notes documents to Microsoft Word via Internet Explorer
Use this shared agent from SearchDomino.com member Venugopal Reddy to automatically open a Lotus Notes document in Internet Explorer and then copy and paste it into Microsoft Word using the user32.dll Windows system file.

#7. Editing fields in a Lotus Notes view with Ajax
Instead of opening a Lotus Notes view in a pop-up window, editing it and then saving it again, you can modify fields directly using Ajax. SearchDomino.com member Jinoy George explains how.

#8. How to automatically create a backup copy of your Domino Directory
This agent automatically creates a backup copy of your Domino Directory. You'll never again need to restore documents back to your Domino Directory or check old configurations.

#9. How to protect your Lotus Notes application design
SearchDomino.com member Jim Mck explains how to hide your Lotus Notes database design, so no one can make design changes or copy your application's source code.

#10. Update Lotus Notes documents after an employee last-name change
After a last-name change, a Lotus Notes user may no longer have proper access to Lotus Notes documents, because they still contain her old last name. This LotusScript utility from SearchDomino.com member Scott Huyser solves that problem. It updates all documents in the Lotus Notes database with the employee's new last name.

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