• October 16, 2002 16 Oct'02

    True Domino Blooper #16: Make your mark, but leave no stain

    This Lotus admin got in hot water at his new job when he decided to make a splash by modifying the standard mail template file with a new logo. Read on to see how his foray into the graphic arts got management seeing red.

  • October 10, 2002 10 Oct'02

    Achiever Profile: Domino is USDA Choice

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture is using a Domino-based early warning system to keep the country's food supply safe from disease.

  • October 09, 2002 09 Oct'02

    Quick Take: Lotusphere registration opens

    Lotusphere registration is now open and, for the first time, you can register online.

  • October 09, 2002 09 Oct'02

    True Domino Blooper #15: Can you keep a secret?

    This Domino developer was trying to solve an off-line startup problem, but ended up causing quite a security scare at his company. Read more to find out how our hero stumbled on to secret files in the most unusual location.

  • October 03, 2002 03 Oct'02

    True Domino Blooper #14: Upgrade or retrograde?

    During an upgrade, this Lotus administrator was stabbed in the back by a double agent. Our hero was almost tarred and feathered by the IT staff when they had to manually reassign document locations for the entire company.

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  • October 02, 2002 02 Oct'02

    At long last, Notes/Domino 6 debuts

    Lotus has released Notes and Domino 6, which it says "isn't about sexy user interfaces" but is notable for its more than 1,000 enhancements to the Notes client and the bundling of Domino with a scaled-back version of WebSphere.

  • September 25, 2002 25 Sep'02

    Lotus to offer free, restricted WebSphere with Domino 6

    In an effort to appease concerns about its J2EE development program, Lotus has decided to include a free version of WebSphere 5 in the soon-to-be released Domino 6. But there are a few catches.

  • September 25, 2002 25 Sep'02

    City of Roanoke puts Notes to work for city employees

    This is the second in a series of Achiever case studies, where we profile user companies that are just a few of the many candidates for the Achiever Awards. Members like you nominate Domino and Notes user ...

  • September 25, 2002 25 Sep'02

    True Domino Blooper #13: Hidden in plain view

    When this Notes administrator had to rename his servers he never intended to hide them from his users. But that's exactly what happened. Find out how our hero became an unintentional master of server disguise.

  • September 17, 2002 17 Sep'02

    True Domino Blooper #12: Everyone makes mistakes, but agents make them automatically

    When a program to remove old users from the system went wrong, it started a process that threatened to delete thousands of user accounts. Find out if our administrator hero was able to stop the diabolical program and save the day.

  • September 16, 2002 16 Sep'02

    IBM streamlines, sharpens focus of Lotus consulting

    Earlier this year, IBM announced major changes to the consulting component of its Lotus Software division. Not only did IBM change the organization's name from Lotus Professional Services to IBM Software Services for Lotus, but it also reduced the ...

  • September 12, 2002 12 Sep'02

    Domino is just what Victory Springs' doctors ordered

    Victory Springs Senior Health Care Associates has created a Domino Web-based patient information retrieval system that improves information exchange and care for the elderly.

  • September 10, 2002 10 Sep'02

    Proxies, reverse proxies, and passthru

    In an ideal world, every computer user could connect quickly over the Internet or phone lines to any server they had permission to access. In reality, as we all know, a lot can go wrong to muddy this picture. Servers sometimes get too busy to ...

  • September 05, 2002 05 Sep'02

    Despite down economy, Lotus keeps pushing KM

    Despite a difficult economy, Lotus has been pitching its KM products all summer. Lotus denies that IBM is losing patience with the slow-moving KM market, but one analyst believes Lotus' KM strategy has changed significantly.

  • September 03, 2002 03 Sep'02

    True Domino Blooper #11: An admin by any other name would still delete

    This Lotus administrator got into hot water when he decided to create a bogus user with the name AdminA. The bogus user ended up causing real problems when it deleted the entire administrator address book -- ACLs and all.




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