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FAQ: Address book and directory management

The second installment of our series on frequently asked questions takes a look at common questions about the Notes Address Book, users' Personal Address Books and the Domino Directory. Answers come from experts Chuck Connell, Mathew Newman, Andre Guirard and Michael Lazar.

The second installment of our series on frequently asked questions takes a look at common questions about the Notes Address Book (NAB), users' Personal Address Books (PAB) and the Domino Directory. Answers come from experts Chuck Connell, Mathew Newman, Andre Guirard and Michael Lazar and cover topics such as NAB group administration, sharing one or more PABs and keeping things secure.

Standardize group names in NAB
We are going to attempt to standardize our Group names in NAB. But we are not sure on the approach we should take. We have come up with a standard naming convention, but are not sure on how to implement the change. There are about 700 group names that we would like to change, but doing this manually could take some time. Would you have any suggestions on how to make the change to all the groups? We are running Notes 6.5.4.
Read Chuck Connell's answer.

Hide users within NAB
Is there an easy way to "hide" users within the NAB so that general Notes users cannot see them? For example, we have a number of accounts created for Sametime users to log into, also guest accounts for outside Web collaboration. These appear in our NAB as STuser1, STuser2, etc. Is there a way to keep them from appearing in the NAB address list?
Read Mathew Newman's answer and member feedback.

Hide groups from NAB, only give some users access
What is the best solution to Hide Groups from the NAB and only allow certain users access view the groups for mailing distribution? What I will like to do is to create another NAB with only the users and Groups only. What I should be doing?
Read Michael Lazar's answer.

Export selected NAB information
We have a HelpDesk management system that needs updated e-mail addresses from Notes. I'm looking for an automated method of exporting selected public NAB information on a regularly scheduled basis that does not require user intervention. Do you have any suggestions?
Read Andre Guirard's advice.

More expert advice

Peruse more advice from the experts featured in this FAQ:

Michael Lazar

Chuck Connell

Andre Guirard

Mathew Newman

Enforce consistent ACL on NAB
I would like to secure as much as possible the NAB of my company domain, especially in checking "enforce consistant ACL". What are the good and the bad aspects of this feature ?
Read Chuck Connell's answer.

Keep unauthorized users from the NAB
I would like to bullet proof the NAB(Domino Directory) to keep unauthorized users from accessing it and making changes. What steps would you recommend to address this?
Read Chuck Connell's advice.

Delete users from NAB
How can I delete users from the NAB using a LotusScript agent or actions on a database?
Read Andre Guirard's answer .

Customize NAB
Is it possible to customize the Domino Directory (NAB)? I need to add in certain fields, which would allow the transfer of data from a SQL table into the Domino directory using LDAP. Or can you recommend a better alternative?
Read Andre Guirard's advice.

Make shared address book look like PAB
How do I make a shared address book appear as a searchable address book on the list when I open up a new e-mail and go to address in the To field? Currently, I only see my personal address book and the Domino address book - can I create another one that appears on this list?
Read Andre Guirard's answer.

More frequently asked questions
FAQ: Password-related issues

Share PAB
Three users in my company want to be able to share their personal address books. Is there a way for each of them to replicate their personal "names.nsf" databases to the server and then replicate the other two down from the server? These databases are already populated with many entries they don't want to re-type into a new 'shared' address book I might create.
Read Michael Lazar's advice.

Export Outlook contact to Notes PAB
How can I export an Outlook contact name to Notes personal address book? Do you know of any migration tool that might do this? Thanks!
Read Michael Lazar's suggestion.

Copy old Domino Directory, replace with new one for upgrade
I want to upgrade from Lotus Domino R5 to R6. Is it possible for me to install R6 fresh and then just copy the old Domino directory and replace it with the new one?
Read Michael Lazar's suggestion.

Remove entries from Instant Contacts
We are testing Sametime 6.5. One problem we have encountered has to do with the Instant Contact list. I added a person to my list. Now I want to remove the person from the list but when I click on remove nothing happens. I can remove groups added from the Domino Directory but not individual entries. What am I missing?
Read Mathew Newman's answer and member feedback.

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