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More answers to your iNotes questions

Lotus' Jason Dumont has more answers to your iNotes questions.

We had so much interest in our recent Lotus Live! Series Webcast with Lotus' iNotes product manager Jason Dumont on iNotes Web Access that Jason couldn't answer all of the questions during the event. He recently addressed many of your unanswered questions for us, and we've assembled more of his answers for you here in the second of a two-part Q&A.

Jason Dumont
What plans are there for true cross platform, cross-browser support?
Dumont: We have no committed plans at this point in time for client platforms other than Win32. However we are looking at the possibility of supporting a Mac and/or Linux client. However, much work needs to be done on the browser side before any of this can happen.

What about custom company forms we've added to the mail template? How does iNotes Web Access address using custom forms?
Dumont: We don't currently support custom forms. See chapter 6 of the Redbook for details.

Any other considerations for running iNotes in a Citrix's Win frame environment?
Dumont: It is not supported or designed to run in this type of environment. I do not recommend you try. The only supported client in this environment is the Notes client.

Can you give a brief explanation how encrypted mail can be read in the future release?
Dumont: The Notes ID will be stored in the user's mail file and will be used to decrypt mail sent to that user.

We run Domino on an iSeries. We have deployed iNotes access with the help of a business partner. Performance over dialup is very slow. Over broadband or T1 or greater it isn't blazing fast either. What steps can I perform to possibly resolve the issue?
Dumont: See Redbook, performance paper & deployment guide for details. Try the following to improve dial up performance:

  • CD based installs of DOLS and the mail subscription
  • Pre-install of Active X controls used by iNotes Web Access
  • Use of client side accelerator products
  • Work off line and synch changes periodically
  • Ensure your client machines meet or exceed recommended hardware

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How do you sync a PDA with iNotes? If you're using a Notes client use your existing tools.
Dumont: If you only use iNotes Web Access you need to use one of the Domino Everyplace Servers to do the synch.

Any know problems with synchronizing personal address book in iNotes with Palm Pilot? We have a lot of problem synching with Notes mail clients via Easy Synch.
Dumont: No, however you may end up using many of the same tools.

I have been using INotes in a pilot phase before launching out to the company. Sometime when you create a new message Windows Installer comes up. What causes this?
Dumont: There was a Microsoft bug that would prompt you for the Office CD at one point. This was because we created an extension to the rich text control that MS uses. This issue has been solved and is technoted.

Does enabling SSL on the mail degrade server performance?
Dumont: Enabling SSL for any application degrades server performance.

You gave a figure for bandwidth utilization. How does this compare to the native Notes client (more, less)? For example, what is the delta?
Dumont: iNotes Web Access bandwidth consumption is greater than Notes because HTTP is not optimized like NRPC is. See the performance article on from 1/2/02.

Check out the Redbooks
Jason was unable to answer all of the follow-up questions from his recent Lotus Live! Series Webcast, but many of the answers to those questions can be found in the IBM/Lotus Redbooks. If you don't see a particular question here, check out the iNotes Redbooks.
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I'm new to iNotes. Can we use it for other Notes databases other than mail?
Dumont: You can integrate your other applications into the iNotes Web Access welcome page. However, once you launch those applications, you are using that application and not the iNotes Web Access user interface and feature set.

We use a "before new mail arrive" agent to scan for viruses. Will this work with the iNotes template?
Dumont: It should, since it's server-based.

What is the plan for INotes spell checking?
Dumont: iNotes Web Access supports spell checking since the intital release. With 5.0.9, it can use any language dictionary that's on the server. In 6.x we plan to provide support for personal dictionaries as well.

Can I run a R5 designed mailfile on one server, while running an iNotes designed mailfile on another server - and have them replicate to each other?
Dumont: Yes, however, you will probably want to set replication so that only data is transferred and not design elements. The iNotes Web Access template also supports a Notes mail experience as well.

When converting a mail file via the administration convert, many users added folders were deleted from the mail file. Any ideas on why or what we should look for before converting?
Dumont: Yes, make sure those folders are marked to not allow the design task to overwrite them. If you don't protext them, they will be lost.

In a kiosk situation, what is the best way to clean up any cached code or content?
Dumont: Make sure you use iNotes Web Access's logout feature. Also use IE's option to delete files in the temp Internet files folder on browser close. If you're using 5.0.10 make sure you allow ActiveX controls as we have enhanced our file up/download control to provide additional security features (see the deployment guide on for details).

Have you done any testing on access times for a 56k client to perform various tasks, for example, login, send mail?
Dumont: Try the following to improve dial up performance:

  • CD based installs of DOLS and the mail subscription
  • Pre-install of Active X controls used by iNotes Web Access
  • Use of client side accelerator products
  • Work off line and synch changes periodically
  • Ensure your client machines meet or exceed recommended hardware

Is iNotes a recommended solution for dial-up users?
Dumont: Yes, if adequate performance levels are maintained.

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When and how will Inotes have archiving functionality?
Dumont: iNotes Web Access currently supported server based archiving to the mail server. Local archive is coming in 6.x. The ability to archive to a sever other than the mail server will come in 6.x and perhaps in 5.0.x

The iNotes ActiveX control seems to be used for more than file uploads/downloads. It is necessary when sending a message, for example. Can you document all the places where that control is used?
Dumont: That control is used for all read and edits by any form that supports attachments as well as by the logoff feature in 5.0.10.

Currently iNotes 5.09a does not work with Netscape. Are there plans to incorporate Netscape?
Dumont: Yes. We plan to support Win32 Netscape 4.7.9 in 6.x

Do you know when iNotes Web Access will support doclinks to other servers?
Dumont: This is planned for 6.x

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