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Calendaring and scheduling questions answered

Lotus expert Jill Jones has returned to answer more of your questions about calendaring and scheduling.

Jill Jones, product manager for the Notes client at IBM's Lotus Software, recently presented a Lotus Live! Series Webcast on SearchDomino on new messaging features in Domino and Notes 6. Jill answered many of the questions offline. Here's part two of our two-part Q&A, with answers to questions calendaring and scheduling issues.

As of Lotusphere, there were still R5 & Notes 6 C&S incompatibilities. What is the current status of interoperability? Can our R5 & Notes 6 users schedule each other in meetings? Will R5 meetings carry over into Notes 6?
Jones: R5 and Notes 6 are not incompatible. Yes, meetings scheduled in R5 will carry over and be editable in Notes 6.

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Does selecting the checkbox to indicate, "This is an online meeting" automatically prevent a room from rejecting based on over booking?
Jones: Any room can now be overbooked, regardless of whether it is online or not. The chairperson will get an e-mail message from the room alerting them to the fact that they have exceeded the capacity, but the reservation is still made in the resource reservations database.

Is it possible to overlay a calendar on top of another?
Jones: If you are looking for the ability to add another user's calendar information to your own calendar, then no. If you want to see calendar information for multiple users in a summarized fashion, then yes. In the first case, if you are looking to view multiple users' calendars at the same time for scheduling purposes, I would suggest looking at department calendar from Logic Springs Technologies at

Will calendar entries created in an R5 mail template work properly after being upgraded to R6? Can they be edited as if they were created in R6?
Jones: Yes. R5 and Notes 6 calendar entries are created the same way. There will be full fidelity for R5 entries that have been upgraded to Notes 6 and then edited.

Will scheduled Sametime meetings be part of C&S in Notes 6?
Jones: Yes, this work is already completed.

In case you missed it
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How many R5 C&S issues will remain outstanding in R6?
Jones: Quality is our number one goal for the Notes 6 release. Any outstanding software problems are being evaluated by multiple groups to determine their importance to our user community. Through extensive work with our customers, support team, development team, business partners, etc., we feel confident that we are delivering a rock solid calendaring & scheduling product with Notes 6.

What type of new and/or added services are there that have to run on the server for the new functionality? (i.e. in R5 schedule manager with the busytime.nsf)
Jones: There are no new services and/or tasks for Domino 6 for mail or calendaring and scheduling, though existing services have been beefed up to handle the new Notes 6 features and functions.

Does the Invitee List indicate the invitees Sametime awareness?
Jones: Not at this point. We are evaluating this for a future release.

Any plans to integrate the calendar in Notes with calendar in Lotus Organizer, or provide synch method?
Jones: No. Organizer became a PIM-only product when they released Organizer 5. There are no sync methods between the two products.

If a user with authority to maintain another user's calendar makes a modification to a local replication of that mail file, will the change be replicated up to the server? I have seen this scenario fail.
Jones: This is still an outstanding issue, and I am researching it now.

In version 6 is it possible to have all invitations automatically confirmed whether there are conflicts or not?
Jones: It will not be possible to automatically confirm if a conflict exists, but a user will have the option to accept an invitation in this scenario, as long as they have the preference set not to automatically decline.

Can a resource booked multiple days show up to another user as unavailable if the new user tries to book it somewhere in between the booked time span?
Jones: This is a great idea for an enhancement request.

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In Rooms and Resources, is there a way to hide rooms from users, which they are not allowed to book themselves?
Jones: Because the rooms and resources list is built from the mail-in database view in the Domino Directory, there isn't a way to hide the rooms. However, we have made some changes in the dialog box, so that it displays the room description. Therefore, room descriptions can be edited so that if a room has an owner, than information can be added and the end users will see it when they go to reserve a room. Also, if a user does reserve a room that has an owner, they will get more meaningful notification back from the resource system alerting them that their request has been sent to the owner for processing. The alert will give them the owner's name, so that the user can get in touch with that person if necessary.

When will Resources & Servers no longer show up in the address book? Is there any plan to store Resources in another database instead of the Domino Directory?
Jones: There are currently no plans to change this behavior.

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