Should you move to the other side?

You love Domino and Notes. You breathe Domino and Notes. But your boss is hinting about moving to the other side. Stop right there.

Our live Webcast last week with Lotus manager Ed Brill "Domino vs. Exchange: Business, technical and political considerations" drew a large crowd of people who were interested in getting the scoop on Lotus and what it has to offer over Microsoft. Here are the answers to your remaining questions for Ed Brill, who answered these offline.

It looks like R6 covers co-existent very well, but can you please touch briefly on the Exchange and Domino co-existent R5 and Exchange 2000?
Typically, organizations using both technologies use the "Notes Connector" available with Exchange 5.5 SP2 or Exchange 2000 SP1. There are also third party solutions such as TenFour Systems' gateway. Can you comment on IDC where Microsoft garnered 30 million new Exchange server users in 2001 while Domino gained 14 million?
Seats are a legacy measurement of this market...from the days when the market was growing rapidly. Lotus stopped reporting seat numbers for Notes/Domino more than 18 months ago when it was clear that measuring a "user" was increasingly difficult (due to the introduction of browser users and mobile/wireless users). IDC doesn't even measure seats in Lotus' other markets such as Quickplace and Sametime. What's more important is to know that Lotus continues to lead the market in terms of actual paying customers (and gained 1% of that share vs. 2000) in the report. Click here for Lotus' full perspective on this. We have to migrate from iSeries to xSeries, which requires us to buy multiple servers, and therefore, licenses of Domino and Win-OS. Our management wants to go Exchange for that reason. Do we have a comeback?
I would need to understand the situation a bit more. Why migrate away from iSeries? Also, Gartner and other analysts report that license cost is only 5% of the total cost of ownership for messaging. Is that 5% really what's meaningful to you or are you prepared to trade it off for more downtime, virus attacks and a lower overall service level? What about Sametime and Notes integration compared with Micosoft?
In Notes 6, there is significant integration of Sametime and Notes, including the ability to schedule an online meeting right from the calendar. You mentioned that Outlook might be included for enterprises in their current licensing. What other costs are included in an Outlook release, i.e. server licensing?
You'd have to ask Microsoft for detailed costs, but be sure to ask why their standard Exchange server is still limited to 16GB of disk space -- meaning most customers have to buy the Enterprise edition at US$4000 a piece. My 5.0.10 client starts up much more slowly on my Windows XP PC than on my old Windows95 PC, a delay of up to two minutes. Is the Notes client really compatible with XP?
5.0.10 is the first Notes release supported on Windows XP. This sounds like a configuration problem and should be worked with Lotus support.


Check our Webcast archives to listen to the full Webcast with Lotus' Ed Brill

The Best Web Links on Domino vs. Exchange I work for a division of a large Notes shop which was recently purchased by a Microsoft shop. Although we were forced to move to Outlook/Exchange for mail, we have maintained our Notes apps. Do you have any suggestions for getting a larger Notes foothold?
Consider Domino-based apps for browser users, as no client software is required for broad deployment. The Executives of my company are considering migrating away from Notes to Exchange. Can you point me to some case studies of companies migrating away from Exchange and moving to Notes?
Click here for an example story in Baseline magazine. There are many other such case studies; more than 150 customers participated in IBM's "Move2Lotus" offer in the second half of 2001. Contact your Lotus sales representative for other stories. Have there been any large organizations that have made the decision to move from Exchange to Domino in the past year (that you can talk about)?
There have been a few, including Verizon, as they merged Bell Atlantic with GTE, and Mitsubishi in Japan. How does Domino pricing compare to Exchange for small businesses?
Domino and Exchange have very similar list pricing models. Additionally, small businesses can consider the IBM Small Business Suite for Linux, which is available through Linux distributors like Red Hat. It includes Domino along with other IBM servers for an incredibly low price.

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