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Lotus' Brill on WebSphere, Domino 6

Our recent Webcast with Lotus manager Ed Brill not only generated Microsoft vs. Exchange questions, but also questions about WebSphere and, most of all, Domino 6. Time ran out before Brill could answer all of your questions, so we posed a few remaining ones to him offline.

What's going to happen to the HTTP task with WebSphere going so strong?
WebSphere itself is not an HTTP server -- it uses common market HTTP technology through a plug-in architecture. We've applied this architecture to Domino 6, and it allows multiple HTTP servers to be used as a front-end to Domino (even on a separate server). Having said that, the Domino HTTP task receives substantial updates and improvements in Domino 6, including HTTP 1.1 support, a shared-site architecture and WebDAV support for design elements. Lotus Domino strategy seems to be confusing with WebSphere. Can you clarify?
Lotus and WebSphere are separate brands within IBM Software. While components of Websphere technology are being leveraged in Domino (especially in Domino 6), the two servers have different capabilities, which will continue as separate products in the future. Lotus is embarking on a move to the J2EE architecture, which means that many Lotus products will, over time, run on WebSphere's J2EE capabilities. But the products known as Notes and Domino will continue to support their current architecture well into the future. Does the current Out of Office function only reply to messages once per day? If yes, is there an easy way to make this work like Outlook, where it replies as soon as it receives the message?
This has been discussed in the Lotus Developer Domain Notes/Domino 6 forum. It is very easy to modify the agent to run more frequently, and with Domino 6's new single copy template, you'll only have to make the change one time. We have not set this by default because of the increased load put on the server to do so. To make upgrades easy to R6, could R5 also support "Notes Smart Update"?
As discussed at Lotusphere, we investigated this for R5. In reality, you would have to deploy another point release of R5 in order to get this capability. The engineering work is pretty significant, too, so we'd rather put the energy into getting 6 out the door and making it a high quality release. When will there be a future release of DOLS?
DOLS capability is being enhanced on the same timeline as major iNotes Web Access revisions. Expect something in the 6.x timeframe. Is single sign-on available to synchronize network, Notes client and Internet passwords?
In Domino 6, yes. A combination of the ability to sync HTTP and Notes passwords along with the Active Directory "Network provider" will meet this requirement. Is there a way to restore individual e-mail messages that might be accidentally deleted?
Use the trash feature. This is easier in Notes 6 because of "soft deletes." Unlike Exchange, in the worst case, you can restore a single mailbox from tape. Will there be a Java Notes Client in the future?
It's not in the plans -- we tried this once with limited market traction. Can you give a release month for the first gold release of Notes/Domino 6?
Sorry, I can't be more specific than this quarter -- Q3 2002. Collaborative applications are no problem - I've been doing that for a decade. Workflow apps depend on e-mail, at least for notification and links to tasks. Can such apps use other e-mail systems?
There's been some limited work there where customers have used embedded Notes doclinks (NDL format) or Web links to bring back to a central server. True routing/workflow is tough since Notes forms aren't routable to other systems. Are there any plans to beef up the Lotus Notes client to actually compete feature wise to Outlook as a stand-alone mail client? Right now Lotus tends to ignore the client on a stand-alone basis.
The stand-alone consumer market is not really IBM's focus for Notes/Domino. We are focused on the needs of the corporate/government/educational user, not the at home user.


Read answers to some Lotus vs. Microsoft questions Brill didn't have time to answer during the recent Webcast.

Check our Webcast archives to listen to the full Webcast with Lotus' Ed Brill Are there any enhancements to R6 re: Reporting?
The new "copy selected as table" is a pretty cool feature which seems to be meeting a lot of people's requirements in this area. Is Domino a good messaging and collaboration platform for medium-sized companies? We recently separated form our parent company and we are considering using other systems such as iPlanet or Gordano. We have about 750 people in our company.
Yes, we have small/medium-sized organizations using Domino. Check Our greatest challenge with Lotus Notes is the inability to efficiently create reports from Notes data. Does Lotus have any plans to enhance reporting features in Notes?
There are a number of third party tools that are excellent for reporting. Can we delegate in Notes?
Yes, both individual meetings, calendars, as well as entire mailboxes.

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