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Part 1: Answers to your questions on ND6 certification

The recent webcast "What's new in ND6 certification" from Lotus' manager of worldwide professional certification programs, Barbara Bowen, covered a wide spectrum of certification issues -- from which type of exams to take to questions about the exams' format. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to answer all of your questions in the hour-long session, so Bowen got to the remaining ones off line. Here is part one of our two-part series on answers to your certification questions.

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Are there study materials for the ND6 update test? Where can I get them?
Yes there are. You can find information on prep materials at Check the article in the "Spotlight on updating to ND6." I am a CLP in R4. Can I take upgrade exam for R5?
The update exam for R5 is no longer available. What will be the timeline (grace period) for the transition test for a R5 CLP to Notes 6 update test or the 601 Notes Domino Application Update?
Unlike R5, there is no deadline. I was an R4 PCLP and took the update to become an R5 CLP. What would I have to do to become an ND6 PCLP?
It depends on what Principal electives you passed for R5. Go to and read the details. If you are R4 certified, will you lose the title since the R4 exams are discontinued?
No, we never take away your titles or your benefits. Updating your certification is recommended but not required. I have been the Domino systems administrator and application developer for my current employer for the past four and a half years with no certification. I would like to become certified in both SA and AD, probably in R5. Which exam would be best to attempt first?
I would start with R5 and then upgrade to ND6 via the update path. You can start with either Maintaining Servers and Users in the SA path or Domino Designer Fundamentals in the AD path. It's just personal choice. Good luck! Currently I am a CLP Application Development R5. I would like to upgrade to Principal CLP App. Dev. R5 + R6. Do I need to take the Principal exam for R5 before I upgrade to R6, or can it also be the other way round?
No, there is no requirement to take a Principal R5 elective to update to ND6. Do I have to apply for an 'upgrade' for my CLEI status, or is that automatic?
Please e-mail your question to and we will make sure that we get an answer to you from the instructor group. What exams are required to become a Principal CLP in Notes 6 if you're not already at the Principal level under R5?
It depends on whether you are a System Administrator or an Application Developer. Check for the list of ND6 Principal electives. Has the format of the exams changed in the past year?
The beta format is the same. After you take the ND6 update exam, how long does it take for Lotus to receive the results?
Generally we receive the results within a few days.


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Get more certification resources in this featured topic Are yellowbooks available for Domino 6?
They were slated to be available at the end of October. Check on how to order. I believe they will be available on LDD also at

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