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Bankes and Hatter answer your Domino 6 app dev questions

Last month, Dave Hatter and Tim Bankes gave us an update on the new features and functions of Domino 6 application development. With so much information and so little time, the consultants at Fort Wright, Ky.-based Libertas Technologies were unable to answer all of your questions during the live Webcast. Here are more answers to your questions on Domino 6 application development.

Are there any enhancements to the Java classes and implementation, especially in the area of memory management?
Well, they have certainly added new classes and methods, and they have made other enhancements to the Java implementation in general (better security features, improved support for IIOP, and an improved IDE to develop Java-based solutions). As far as memory management, I am not aware of any specific improvements. Using Domino objects for Java (Domino Java API) provides CRUD database capabilities and limited access to Domino services from an alternate J2EE Web server, which could provide the performance you require while also providing access to the Domino features that you require. Alternatively, Domino 6 custom JSP tag libraries may provide the access to Domino objects from your JSP pages (running on a better performing Java application/Web server). Is there a way to export notes documents to HTML files directly?
Not that I am aware of. As far as I know, you'd have to write code to do this. However, using the new LotusScript classes such as NotesDXLExporter and NotesDXLImporter or the DXL Utilites, you can easily export documents and/or design elements to DXL. What kind of performance impact have you seen when using shared resources?
I have not personally noticed any significant performance impact using shared resources and, in general, would maintain that any marginal performance impact would certainly be offset by the long- and short-term benefits of the ability to reuse common code. Was there any support added for ASP or do you still need a third party add on?
There is no new support for ASP that I am aware of. However, you can always create a hybrid solution running IIS and Domino on the same server (using an DSAPI filter on IIS). Therefore, you could run IIS but make calls to Domino to exploit Domino-specific features, security and data. Can you tell us about the SingleCopyTemplate feature coming soon?
Evidently, this feature allows you to create a database from a design template in which design elements in the new database reference actual design elements in the template (rather than having their own physical copy in the new database). The databases must be on the same server. We have not had a chance to research this feature or even determine if it actually works. Are there any changes for debugging?
Yes. There is now remote debugging for LotusScript agents, which allows you to debug agents on a server. There is some setup required to make this work (like loading the Remote Debug Manager, enabling remote debugging on specific agents, etc.), but this feature allows debugging of agents running on the server (rather than locally on the developer's client); debugging of scheduled agents; debugging by multiple users and more. There have been some improvements to the standard debugging facility. For example, you can close the debugger and allow the remainder of the agent to execute, you can copy output to the clipboard (or clear the output), and a new calls tab displays what internal/external calls the agent has made. It also seems to perform faster as well. Is there a new function or script to improve the passing of values/parameters between forms? QueryString is limited. For example, Request.Form in ASP.
If you are posting a form to an agent, you can use the extended class syntax to access the fields on the form directly through the NotesDocument object, which can be accessed through the NotesSession.DocumentContext property. If you need to access the contents of a form posted to a Domino server that does not have a corresponding Notes form in the database, you can use the RequestContent CGI variable available through documents accessed by the DocumentContext property of NotesSession. This will contain the forms contents in name/value pairs like the Query_String CGI variable. For example: firstname=John&lastname=Galt. Then you simply parse the contents.


View the archive Dave Hatter and Tim Bankes' webcast "Lotus Notes/Domino 6 application development update" 

View Gary Devendorf's Lotus Live! Series webcast on Domino Designer 6 Are there any enhancements to the development environment? For example: breakpoints, watchpoints, step-through code execution, interactive variable changes, etc.?
Yes, there are many enhancements to the IDE such as an improved design element navigator, the remote debugger for LotusScript, JavaScript script libraries, and auto-complete for LotusScript and @Formulas. For a more complete list, download our presentation from our Web site, or get the new IBM Redbook.

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