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Domino experts look ahead to 2003

Who better to predict what Lotus may have planned for 2003 than those who work with Domino every day? We asked's stable of site experts for their guesses of what's on tap in the coming year.


New Ben and Jerry's flavor: Notes and WebSphere

By Todd Fuder

Here are my (tongue-in-cheek) predictions:

  • Notes and WebSphere will become two flavors of one product (like Chocolate Cherry Chunk or Rocky Road).
  • IBM's vision of autonomic computing will be realized with the merger of Notes into WebSphere. Programmers will instantly become obsolete, as the computers will be able to program themselves, fix any problems that may arise and bake the perfect cinnamon honeybuns.
  • With all of the money they save from unloading their developers, IBM will buy Denver International Airport, and with new Domino Autonomic Servers running in the WebSphere Application Server space, will finally fix the baggage handling problems at that airport.
  • Sametime will also get merged into the WAS world, and Notes/Domino will become a "live update" application platform, with all processes happening instantaneously all over the world.
  • The new Sametime Autonomic Server Set (SASS) will allow IBM to achieve faster than light execution, as all of the SASS applications, processing all of their information allowing 2.4 million people at one time to perform their operations instantaneously.
  • SASS will allow IBM to know, before the customer even realizes he needs it, what the customer will want, when he will want it, and what the customer had with his eggs for breakfast.
  • With IBM's computers being so powerful, Sun will finally drop Java, Microsoft will beg IBM to sprinkle some autonomic pixie dust on Office, and as usual, the Linux world just won't care. World hunger will end, cancer will be cured and a treasure trove of all of the missing socks from everyone's dryer will be found in Uzbekistan behind a poor goat farmer's shed.

Fuder is a Principal Certified Lotus Professional in Application Development and System Administration for both Lotus Notes/Domino R4 and R5.


2003 is for Notes lovers

By Chuck Connell

Everyone will realize that Exchange is just an e-mail server and cannot really do groupware applications. As a result, the market for Notes consultants (and Web sites) will take off. Lotus will also begin giving free passes to Lotusphere (with airfare, hotel and meals) to everyone who loves Notes and promises not to become a Microsoft partner. Also, look for IBM to begin marketing Notes/Domino as heavily as they market WebSphere.

Connell is president of CHC-3 Consulting, which helps organizations with all aspects of Domino and Notes.


Notes integration on the way

By Brian Mahoney

Here are a few predictions for 2003. Once again, Lotus will continue to support and extend Internet standards and integrate them more closely with Domino technology. Also, Domino will be more tightly integrated with other IBM technologies, especially WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2 and other enterprise favorites. Of course, this will foster the dissolution of Lotus into just a product line at IBM rather than a dynamic entity.

Mahoney is a developer for a financial-services firm in the Philadelphia area. In addition, he also consults on technical and Web-related issues for a number of small and medium-sized businesses.

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